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July 27, 2008

I love a rainy night.

Well here we are a week after my last blog entry with lots of news and personal water under that oh so strained proverbial bridge. Let’s start with the weather as we are now well into the rainy season which is my favourite especially since, unlike winter in other places, you don’t die if you walk outside in swim trunks. We are at the very edge of the hurricane belt so we don’t really ever experience the worst of the inter tropical convergence zone but we have had some pretty spectacular weather this past week. On Saturday I got scared out of my skin when Cascade got hit by what felt like a microburst with the sudden arrival of torrential ran and winds so high they toppled a few trees and blew my dining table on the balcony back two feet.  Still is there anything better than being at home in the rain or listening to the sound of raindrops on nearby galvanized iron roofs?


I shall ignore the serious business of news for the time and pledge more of an effort to blog this week and move on other things. My personal life has taken a huge swerve into better waters and I have been feeling really great about things this past week. Being me, however, I am just waiting for the iceberg to slam into my hull. Ah well, if it does maybe I might have a few good clinging onto a board moments.


The trick for me is learning to at least step a foot out of my comfort zone. As Steve rightly pointed out there isn’t much chance of anything if my life consists entirely of my place, work and the supermarket with almost zero detours. Good Lord! I just realized Steve said something that makes sense. I guess the whole world really has gone mad.