Unnecessary Evil


Never a nation to pass up a chance for excess the PM has , of late, been indulging in a veritable orgy of entertaining. We are not just talking about a few cocktail parties for visiting dignitaries we are talking about oodles of taxpayers dollars being spent on actually encouraging the heads of various economically important states to visit. We have had the President of Ghana here because obviously that is a big economic powerhouse nearby that we simply must pin down so as to even out our balance of trade.


More recently we have had the PM of Barbados, the PM of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and as of this writing the ever important Prime Minister of Grenada. Apparently, the PM is fearful that we will be short of nutmeg with the Yule season so fast approaching. Acting in the National Eggnog interest he threw caution and our money to the wind and sent a rented private jet to get PM Tillman so as to ensure he is comfortable on the arduous 20 minute flight. There was a guard of honour, a grand banquet , the usual cultural events and the requisite  meeting at the Hilton. Now only a silly pragmatic person would note that Grenada is not even important in the Caribbean and of no economic or cultural importance to the rest of the known universe. In short, to paraphrase Gloria Steinem on why women need men – we need them like a fish needs a bicycle. 


A more cynical soul would think all these state visits are simply there to make our PM feel even more self-important – though that would be hard to imagine. Late tonight we learn that he has announced that Trinidad & Tobago will be in a union with some of these small economic solar panels by 2011. The Guardian reports:


“Trinidad and Tobago and three other Caribbean states—Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines and St Lucia—last night signed an agreement to achieve economic integration by 2011 and political integration by two years later”. 

Oh Goody.


I was just praying that our oil and gas rich country with a strong industrial sector would be able to avail itself of the many benefits that would accrue from joining with other states that barely have economies, suffer from high unemployment and are stuck in a time warp. Now we can look forward to being aligned with an island that is famous for nutmeg, another famous for bananas and the third that looks like Dolly Parton doing the backstroke.


Strangely, based on the European example and several others I always thought that such sweeping changes required the consent of the population via a quaint little process called a referendum. I wasn’t aware that one man would just take it upon himself to enter into  agreements that fundamentally change our economy and society but I suppose, as we learned in Germany and Italy not that long ago – we should always trust our leaders to make our decisions for us. Father , after all, knows best.


7 Comments to “Unnecessary Evil”

  1. Yes, that does sound undemocratic.

  2. “Grenada is not even important in the Caribbean and of no economic or cultural importance to the rest of the known universe.”
    OUCH! Just a little harsh don’t you think? We may not be Trinidad-level “important”, but we are a Caribbean nation and deserve the vaguest amount of respect, no? Nevermind that we barely have an economy.

    Grenada’s recent elections resulted in the opposition NDC coming to power under the leadership of Tillman Thomas. Previously, Mr Manning had made some comments alluding to and alleging that the opposition had attempted a coup in Grenada post-hurricane Ivan in ’04; an allegation that horrified the Grenadian population as well as the opposition themselves. Since NDC won the elections in July 08, Mr Manning has made all manner of grand pronouncements and good will wishes, all in an effort to ass-kiss and “curry favour” the party whose reputation he besmirched with his coup plot allegation. The recent P.M. trip to Trinidad was viewed by Grenadians with great amusement, especially the private plane thing. Manning must be feeling like a righteous assh*le to feel the need to waste T&T tax-payer money like that.

  3. Forgive the hyperbole but you understand my point I hope.

  4. Why isn’t Spain on your list of formerly fascist countries? Is Spain also not “important” enough for you?

    I find your comments about Grenada shameful. You could have easily made your point about waste and corruption without such disrespect.

  5. I get your underlying point but reserve the right to dislike the way you said it.

    HOWEVER! – – If you would like to display your contrition you could send a private plane for me. 😀

  6. The plane is ready to leave for you but we are seeking a decent wine supplier.

  7. To the comments from the mysterious “M”. You seem to be confusing 2 examples with a list. As to disrespect i am simply stating the obvious that Grenada is a small economy and, while no doubt much loved by Grenadians and vacationers, is not a significant player in either the regional or global scheme of things. If you have some bit of info that suggests otherwise feel free to let me know. The world is far too full of people pussyfooting around.

    My apologies for the delay in your comment showing up as it went to my spam queue.

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