In my life


In pondering the recent devastation visited on the Caribbean and the city of Galveston in Texas by Hurricane Ike I thought of that wonderful song by Glen Campbell. Without discussing any of the dates the first two record albums I ever got as a child were Galveston and Go Moog. The latter was famous for only the song Popcorn which was pretty amazing at the time since it was done entirely by an early synthesizer but Glen Campbell’s song still sticks in my mind today. There was something really haunting about it even with the rather bizarre line “I clean my gun” – only in the US of A I guess. And even then it is slightly less bizarre than Glen Campbell’s drunk driving police photo.


The retrospection also led me to think about my interviews on the station. Today I had Winston Dookeran the leader of the COP which was a first as he has never been on the programme before. A conspicuous holdout in the pantheon of guests. Then I thought about it and it dawned on me that I have literally interviewed hundreds of guests so far. It is startling when I think about it as I literally have hundreds of hours of interviews under my belt for one station never mind the thousands of hours for my career. I am pretty sure there isn’t a person of significance in this country I haven’t interviewed. That is an odd statistic to deal with but I guess it is reality and so I must. I am actually very grateful I have had the chance to talk to some of the most interesting people in the country. It isn’t always easy but I am happy I do what I do. Strike that..I am very happy.


Life is a weird thing but I can honestly say that I have chosen a career that makes me happy. I may not be rich but I look forward to every single day and can honestly say if I died today I would only wish I had done more interviews.


4 Comments to “In my life”

  1. Your job sounds very interesting and I know for sure no two days are the same. I’m really glad you enjoy it – it gives those of us (who don’t enjoy our jobs!) hope for the future.

  2. Bun you have no idea how much I truly love what I do – including the Fodor’s writing. I will be one person going to my grave happy.

  3. Have enjoyed reading your comments. I may have met you when you were 3 or 4. It depends on how old you are now. I went to school for a year possibly with your father if he is Vernon Ramesar. Keep writing. I love City of Djinns (sp) by William Dalrymple and I could see you writing that kind of book. You have a lot of sensitivity. Maura

  4. Thanks Maura. If it is UCD you are talking about then it was most likely him. Isn’t the web an odd place.

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