End of the world as we know it



Just a few random thoughts this evening. I have been watching America’s Got Talent and seeing the final 5 perform was telling because my favourite three made it through to the finals. The problem is I still don’t really know who I would pick to win the million dollar prize and a Vegas show. The key thing for me is the Vegas show part because I have to ask who would pay to watch one of these acts. My choices are Nuttin’ But Strings, Eli Mattson and Queen Emma but there is still a dilemma.


In the finals NBS handily beats everyone and also fills the full Vegas show requirement but I still think Eli and Queen Emma could do it..though I am not sure. Let the voters decide I say.


Other than that I actually watched GWB’s speech on the US government’s proposed financial intervention in the economy. His speech was as close to armageddon as I could imagine. It reminded me of the speech of Yasin Abu Bakr in Trinidad when he had the attempted coup and went on radio and said “don’t loot!” which was an encouragement to loot. GWB basically pointed out what I have been thinking for a week or so. Essentially, I think the US economic system is on the verge of collapse. Bush talking was enough to trigger a major collapse because he spoke of awful consequences. The man cannot look blase. I am still very worried about the crisis on Wall Street but I worry about the consequence of intervention. We are talking about $700 billion in intervention but none before. Odd.

And after my pal Bunny said goodbye I am also thinking about saying goodbye to this blog.



Off to bed I go.


3 Comments to “End of the world as we know it”

  1. Do not even think about ending your Blog….How else will I be able to keep track of you and events in Trinidad….Love yuh.Vic ( big/little brother)

  2. Sweetheart, as long as you keep the other end going! What would I do without your poetry? Mind you, blog fatigue or, as you’d probably say, ‘ennui’ seems rather in vogue this minute.


  3. Don’t give up the blog as it’s enjoyable to read and mine had just run its course. I will start a new one (heck, I may even not quite quit the current one as I haven’t had time to set up a new one yet). I still regret giving up my prior blog if you know what I mean. Very, very occasionally I entertain the idea of exhuming it (as it’s still there, albeit with a closed sign for an image) but I still think starting from scratch is my best bet.

    Got home at 1am from holiday and had very long day at work. Knackered!

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