Back on Bonaire


My last day in Aruba was a bit of a blur. I went on a submarine to a depth of 130 feet along with a batch of other tourists and can’t say I would want to do that again. I can only take  a guide making Sponge bob  jokes that much before I reach my breaking point and escape was impossible. After that Ricardo had a clever idea that he and Monique would join me at the Marriott for a glass of wine in my room. It seemed a good idea at the time.

I wandered about Oranjestad for a bit and bought myself a newer version of my mobile phone for a ridiculous sum of US$. I am such a sucker for a nice salesguy. They must see me as victim on the hoof as I enter the store. Anyhow I now have a phone that has a good enough screen that I can actually see what I am typing as I am almost certain the store in Trinidad has not and will not ever repair my previous one. After that I hopped to a nearby supermarket to get the wine and saw they also sold Absinthe. Naturally I was thrilled as visions of Oscar Wilde on the Rive Gauche popped into my head. I should have remembered that my flight for Bonaire was leaving at 7:15am and I had to be at the airport for 6…but why bring reality into it.

Basically Ricardo and I polished off a bottle of absinthe and the three of us also downed a lovely pinotage from South Africa. Ricardo and I were drunk as skunks but I still managed to pack my stuff for the morning when Ricardo was going to pick me up at 5:45. It was not to be. I woke up groggy and managed to get myself down to the lobby after showering and retrieving his cell that he left in my room. I checked out, looked at the clock, and realized Ricardo was most likely sleeping off the effects of our excess the night before. Thank heavens for my Irish blood that has that wonderful resilience when faced with combustible liquids. I called a cab and made my way to the airport in time to get on my Bonaire flight via Curacao.

I must also say that as much as I am not a fan of big high-rise hotels the Marriott in Aruba is quite an excellent place to stay. There is much to be said for American hotels that believe in little bottles of toiletries rather than push buttons in the shower and ,environmental concerns aside, scorching hot water and water pressure that knocks you off your balance are good things.

So now I am in beautiful Bonaire under the watchful eye of Rolandoo my TCB minder and as efficient as a Swiss watch. Within 15 minutes of disembarking I was chatting with the GM of the Divi Flamingo and saw another 4 properties before lunch. City Cafe’s lunch was good as always and after a few more property inspections I was dropped back to the sprawling compound that is the Plaza Resort. I am typing this now and will upload it later before I head to dinner at Papaya Moon. With internet access costing $20US for 6 hours I plan to be rather circumspect in how I use it.

Looking forward to another great day in Bonaire tomorrow.


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