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November 14, 2008

Beauty on dusty streets



I am keeping it short today as it is late Bonaire standards it is. Rolando and I drove around as usual today allowing me to revisit familiar places including Yenny’s Art. After our expedition I told Rolando that I could walk back to The Plaza from Kralendijk as I needed to burn off a few calories with my sybarite lifestyle of late. 

It was a pleasure walking the streets of the city and then making my way along the route back to my hotel. Bonaire is actually prettier from a walking perspective than it is from the seat of a van. Mind you by the time  got back to The Plaza I was coated with 6 inches of dust but that was fine as I enjoyed the experience. I had a wonderful dinner at Sunset Bar & Grill which is managed by Kirk from Lions Den so naturally the meal was excellent and the ambiance great.

After dinner we stopped briefly at Bistro de Paris to see my old pal Patrice Rannou. It is still the best restaurant in town in my humble estimation and it really was wonderful seeing Patrice again. I had a quick Pernod and now I am back at the hotel I will be checking out of here tomorrow to check in to Den Laman which is a lovely spot and after that it will be kayaking in the mangrove. I enjoyed that a lot the last time and it should virtually guarantee my tan gets darker.

I am going to be so depressed when I have to leave Bonaire on Sunday.