Trusging away on my Fodor’s 2010 assignment I remember, as i always do, how I hate this part of the work. The constant fact checking as I go, searching through reams of paper for that brochure I know I saved and trying to figure out all the publisher’s codes that seem to change each year. They  all conspire to turn my brain to mush. Television interviews seem like a walk in the park compared to this. I guess the good thing is that in between bouts of grumbling and sometimes outright cursing I have flashes of the islands and the wonderful people there.

Now that My flu symptoms are fading I was looking forward to the three interviews at the station today but a sewage problem in the building meant that we had to cancel all of them. It was a pity but probably a better choice than having me and a series of guests gagging on camera.

I am convinced now that I am on the verge of cementing my reputation as a housebound hermit. With Xmas season a time of much bonhomie and frivolity on this island the invitations are pouring in but given my day job and now night job I fear i may not be able to attend more than a handful without bringing down the wrath of Random House.

My only diversions these days are the occassional couple of pages of a book, facebook, and feeding my addiction to my favourite TV shows : Fringe and NCIS. Ah well, it wasn’t like I was doing much more exciting stuff before. Not going out in Trinidad these days is probably a good way of  extending one’s life.


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