I miss blogging but with working every day till 8pm and no days off until January there is little time. Writing Fodors in the hours from 8pm to bed time isn’t helping either. I will try to upload an entry today but no guarantees.


3 Comments to “Ennui”

  1. Hey Bro , don’t work too hard…. Its Christmas in Trinidad . There must be no end of parties for you to attend……Its going to drop to minus 13 tonight after hitting 7 degrees today…..Get me the hell off this waiste land island/half a continent they call Canada…..What possessed people to settle here I will never know…You know my philosophy about Winter ; ” there is something terribly unappealing about a season that if your out in it too long you DIE”… Love yuh
    Little/Big Bro

  2. Thanks Vic it is kind of awful lately with no days off but I have other great things going on in my life so it could be much worse. I can’t say i miss the freezing outside grabbing a smoke thing though though I miss Mum, Dad and you and the kids desperately. At least I have Alvin and Binky around for Xmas ( pronounced EX-mus). I will try to blog properly tomorrow as there is much going on here. Loye ya.

  3. Better to be busy than not busy (said from someone who was out of work for a while and did very little indeed). To be honest, it’s a reason why you should probably take up twitter like me, so you can ‘micro blog’. I know it takes some getting used to but I couldn’t imagine life without tweeting now!

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