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December 28, 2008

These are a few of my favourite things…


Sadly I have no plans of espousing on the subject of raindrops on roses or, indeed, on facial hair of diminutive felines. Instead I am going to indulge myself by sharing a few of my favourite thinsg on the internet and on youtube in particular.  Feel free to click if you want…or not.

My favourite band has been The Smiths from the moment I saw Morrissey  bend his arm over his coifed hair and croon all my teenage angst from his mouth. I may have added a few years but whenever I hear him sing with Johnny Marr’s jangling guitar in the background I feel I am back to being a teenager.

Paula Poundstone is not the star she once was on the US comedy circuit but she still makes me laugh as we have similar senses of humour. Here is her first mayor TV appearance  after being forced by the courts to go to rehab for alcohol addiction.


I admire Anderson Cooper as a journalist very much and during the Katrina crisis he showed a side of himself that I think most journalists such as myself can relate to. Frustration and anger at politicians talking rubbish in the face of human suffering:


Those of us who work on TV and realise that SNAFUs are a part of life often relax by watching the suffering of others working in our medium.


And finally , we suffered through 8 years of him being in office so why not kick back and relax over a few minutes of realising what  a complete fool he is: