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December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!


While I am a believer in the words expressed by U2 that “nothing changes on New Year’s Day” I still harbour the hope that whatever awaits us around the corner is better than what we had before.

Today we put together a perfect newscast, had fun as a news team, I worked with Shiraz the editor to ensure that we finished the Year In Review segments in time, strung them together and got them on the air. Like every media house it is always a scramble to get that sucker on the air and with our Top 10 approach to the year and having to ensure everything fits into a 59:45 min package it is even more of a pain. Nobody who has not co-ordinated such a project can appreciate that it is a creature that is designed to come together at the last minute and, despite the fact it looks like complete chaos the thing will always get on the air on time. If I have to hear one more person suggest that “maybe you should start it earlier so it can be done 2 weeks before time?” I will hurl. I want to say “you try effing doing it and tell me what happens” but I usually hold my tongue.

After reading news and producing Giselle reading the 7:30 newscast I checked to see that our Year In Review was on the air and then came home where I now sit. The air is filled with the sound of yahoos setting off fireworks and scaring pets and strains of music are filtering through normally peaceful Cascade. I am not sure what I will do in time for midnight I may ring in the new year by myself with champagne or I may end up with company. I know I am happy I am not surrounded by a mob of loud drunken people and music I can’t stand.

As this year ends there is one thing I am certain of. I spent the year in the company of great friends and worked with a crew of journalists and editors I love like  family and consider the most talented people in the business…that will not change. So no matter what else happens I know I will be spending the next year with some incredible people.


To all my blog readers I thank you for your support, for tolerating my frequent typos and my even more frequent rants and I wish you all the best for 2009.