This blog is not dead

Thanks to my brother Vic for reminding me but I hasten to add that this blog is far from dead.  I am currently spending each day in TV land and every night writing for Fodor’s so I am not really in a position to upload entries. I think in a week or so I will be finished with the Fodor’s part so expect entries full of bathos and pathos then.

To fill in the T&T blanks:

The economy is sinking but government denies it and has just announced that we will be going into deficit financing ( to pay for their unnecessary projects).

The murder rate is doing well if you are predicting that it will exceed last year’s record

Everybody is watching their pennies because we see the economy is in for a bad time ( except the government because they are all having a great time).

Carnival is coming so despite the crisis many people will misplace their priorities and buy a costume instead of $3.500 worth of food.

The government has cut down about 500 trees in  the airport  carpark because the Secret Service told them to – despite the fact we are an eco destination..I mean if the new masters tell us to why should we disagree for a full 3 days worth of Summit of the Americas.

The government does not understand that prudent fiscal management should mean we have $6 billion US in savings which we do not. Apparently getting an oil windfall and concluding that we have to spend like crazy is the new definition.

This country is going to hell in a hand basket…but then it always seems to be and survives


One Comment to “This blog is not dead”

  1. You’ve certainly been busy! Ah well, keeps you out of trouble. Life feels more fulfilling somehow when we’re busy, though that doesn’t stop me complaining about it!

    Looking forward to pictures (plz) of the carnival 🙂

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