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January 24, 2009

Nearing the finish line


Just to prove I have not been abducted by aliens or run off to Rio with someone of questionable morals I am uploading this quick entry this evening. Every year for about a decade I find myself cursing my overreaching nature as i grapple with a day job that has especially horrible hours and spend my evenings grumbling as i attempt to complete my work for Fodor’s. Right now I am out of the darkest period when I think it will never end and heading towards completion of sorts. 

Focus on Aruba is done, the Aruba chapter for the big book is done, Bonaire is done and T&T and Curacao are well on their way to being done. It is still a difficult time and one that precludes much in the way of socialising but psychologically it is good knowing that I am only a few days away from being mainly finished with it. Sure there will be queries after but that is nothing like tens of thousands of words waiting to be typed by my weary fingers.

Other than that there isn’t much to report. Barack Obama is now President in the US  resulting in the happiest moment I have had in the past 8 years – the sight of Dubya boarding a plane to take his derriere back to Texas. I managed to make it through he inauguration just fine but it was that sight that brought me closest to tears. I can imagine how my mother feels as she would turn off the TV whenever his face appeared . She can now give her remote finger a well-deserved rest.

Now enough of this staling writer’s block back to Curacao I go.