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February 25, 2009

Trinidad in throes of post Carnival hangover


I have survived Carnival 2k9 and have uploaded the pictures to prove it. I hope you enjoy them even though they are unedited. You can go to my flickr page by clicking here.

February 23, 2009

My dream almost came true

Well Slumdog Millionaire won all the important awards so I am really happy. I am amazed Waltz with Bashir lost to Okuribito ( which I also saw) and I am deeply saddened. I guess you lose some and you win some.

Happily I am ignoring Carnival which is happening only a kilometer away.

Congrats to Slumdog Millionaire.

February 23, 2009

Oscars continued

I continue my travesty by watching the Oscars and ignoring Carnival that is happening around me. How the hell could Waltz with Bashir lose? I am annoyed beyond words.

February 23, 2009

Watching the Oscars

Pretty good so far Slumdog has won 5 Oscars. Richly deserved. I am now praying for a Best Picture and Director for Slumdog Millionaire and still praying for Waltz with Bashir to Win and make it the first Israeli film to win an Oscar ( and that from an Atheist).

February 22, 2009

Winner of Chutney Soca 2009

It wouldn’t do to forget the other popular indigenous  artform.

February 22, 2009

Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel does T&T

And no Andrew, culantro is  not the same thing as cilantro.

February 21, 2009

King Carnival steps into town.

How was my day you ask? Well, it started with me leaving home for the newsroom to discover that the Queen’s Park Savannah had been turned into a two way roundabout with disastrous effects. The small roundabout that branches off the Savannah into St. Ann’s /Cascade turned into a complete log jam and the police on the scene failed to bring any semblance of order to the 4 lanes of traffic that suddenly converged on each other. The end result was that I was stressed and ended up taking an hour to drive the usual 7 minute stretch to work. Lovely. Every year the revelation that carnival results in a snarl seems to come as a complete surprise to everyone.

Nonetheless I got through the day, read the news and made it back home using the now inexplicably one-way Savannah. The usual signs were there of inconsiderate behaviour and a general lawlessness over and above the usually lawless atmosphere around these parts. Vendors were setting up stalls on the sidewalks forcing pedestrians to walk in the road. Beer companies were plastering private buildings with their bunting without permission ( including ours) and music was blaring for no reason whatsoever from establishments lining the road. This meant we had the usual Carnival combo of ridiculous ( and unnecessary given nothing was happening uptown) noise levels and complete traffic gridlock. 

This brings me to my list for today. I present you with my 10 reasons I love Carnival and 10 reasons I hate carnival.

10 Reasons I love Carnival

1. Mocking tourists is fun for the whole family.

2. Corn soup is everywhere and who doesn’t love corn soup?

3. Traditional Carnival characters like Jab Jab, Burrokeets and Midnight Robber ( they still scare me).

4. Beautiful bands like MacFarlane that give me faith that the spirit of Carnival is not dead.

5. Seeing my friends drunk and happy.

6. Seeing my couple friends fight and break up for the weekend ( it’s a Carnival tradition)

7. Eye candy galore of all shapes and sizes,

8. The satisfaction of seeing that 80% of guys have far worse bodies than me.

9. The chance that I will see David Rudder in concert somewhere.

10. There are so many drunk people around that even ugly people have a chance to get laid..and that has to be a good thing.


10 Reasons I don’t like Carnival.

1. Boring bead bands like Tribe that attract those whose idea of culture is an all-inclusive 2 day fete.

2. Traffic gridlock as the the Police Traffic Branch manages to screw the pooch every year without fail.

3. Machel Montano. Many rave about him I find him ineffably dull shouting his way through every song and doing those dreary waist thrusts.

4. Noise everywhere for no reason whatsoever. Even with nobody around people blare music on the street.

5. Music trucks that seem to think they have the absolute right of way.

6. Lines for everything as thousands of tourists converge on the capital.

7. It is impossible to get in to our out of Cascade because of the busy Savannah.

8. No damned Savannah stage anymore since the effing government decided it wasn’t fancy enough and tore it down before they had a replacement. What is the point of Carnival without The Big Yard?

9. People with better bodies than me wandering about with barely any clothes on. I mean rub it in why don’t you?

10. Your friends go missing for days on end and, because they lost their cellphones while stopping to pee in a bush somewhere you can’t reach them.

February 21, 2009

David Rudder showing them how it is done in 1999.

February 21, 2009

Shurwayne Winchester & Maxi Priest Carnival 2k9

February 21, 2009

8 Month pregnant Faye Ann Lyons-Alvarez with her winning performance at the Soca Monarch competition.

In case you were wondering what the heck she is singing in the chorus it is “Off load de heavy structure gyal” . This, based on my analysis of the situation means: lift up your butt and press it against a man girl!