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February 7, 2009

Back in the land of the living…well mostly.


I don’t know if it was a sword of Damocles or a yoke but I am happy to report that i have completed the bulk of the work on Fodor’s 2010 and it has been sent happily through the ether to NYC. I have not been feeling well physically since the beginning of the year with various body pains and a general feeling of malaise ( as opposed to malcontent ..which is normal for me) amazingly the second I clisked the send button and heard the swoosh all my maladies evaporated like a politician’s promises the day after the election.

In the three and a half months I have been working on the two publications and also trying to keep up with my TV interviews and news I have had to essentially give up most of what passes for my social life. I have had to put friends family and ( ahem) other on the back burner as I fought with preparing for interviews during the day and writing  every night. Now I can put these important threads back in the fabric of my daily life where they belong. I have been doing this for a decade ( though never with a demanding day job at the same time) and every year it feels like I am fighting to stay above water until the project is finished. This time I have emerged with one serious and lingering problem – a nasty addiction to NCIS on TV. I have seen every episode at least 3 times and yet every day I sit and watch at least three episodes. I think the characters have become a sort of surrogate family and social life. The high geek factor of the show is also a major magnet for me but we shall delve into my NCIS problem at a future date.

Since I had no internet with which to check facts this past Tuesday and I was home I put the writing aside for a moment and decided to catch up on movies I had not seen. Now I know some will cast a gimlet eye at me when i say I watched these movies  at home and yet at least three are still showing at the cinema…but what can i say…motive and opportunity. A quick reviewette now of the four films I saw on Tuesday.

Slumdog Millionaire is absolutely brilliant. It touches on all the necessary emotions without ever giving in to being maudlin or silly. Made for $15 million it looks like it had a much bigger budget. This is a must see movie in my view and a disturbing insight into how some people have to live in impoverished areas of the world.

The Day the Earth Stood Still. As one wag of a critic said it should have been called “The Day the Audience Fell Asleep”. I fail to see the point of this movie. Casting Keanu as an alien who came to earth was not was typecasting. If he were any more wooden we could use him as kindling.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. An ok movie but annoyingly reminiscent of Forrest Gump. The makeup and CGI was impressive but that doth not a great movie make.

Milk. I remember seeing the documentary The Life and Times of Harvey Milk a few decades ago and wanting to know more about the man. Sean Penn is a miraculous actor and managed to become the flawed figure of a man who advanced same sex rights in California. Well worth seeing as it manages to avoid sentimentality while still giving you a sense of who this person was.

More tomorrow ( I hope) I am going to run off and watch another NCIS marathon now.