Proud to be Irish.

I am not a nationalistic person but being born in Ireland of an Irish mother ( who I love more than life itself) I am happy to say I have a right to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. A history of oppression on all sides gives a journalist perspective. I salute the nation that kept civilization alive in the dark ages and that stood up to the most powerful nation in the world  at the time and won.

I live on a little island now but I am always aware that I am from another island nation that has changed the world through culture. It is easy to conquer the world by force but to conquer it by Wilde. Yeats, Joyce, Behan, Synge, and countless other artistic forces says a lot.

To the country of my birth and of my ancestry I say simply ”  and I salute every beautiful hidden nook of your blessed being”. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to the world and to all who have been influenced by my island. We have created art, given the US at least two presidents I approve of and  we have shown the world that a country really can care about how even the poorest can look at hope.

Recession or not I can say on behalf of my Irish family that we are proud  and we wish the world a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

and a PS. I wish my Celtic Studies Professor Dr. Anne Dooley a special  Happy St. Paddy’s Day.

and to my brave Irish brother Vic who protects Toronto every day and listens to Irish rebel music in his car I say I am proud of you, I love you, and I  salute your sacrifice.


One Comment to “Proud to be Irish.”

  1. Hope you had a good St Patrick’s day and do sincerely hope you were drinking Guinness!

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