The Dark side from Toronto


A long time since my last post and this will not be the real post. In Toronto now and enjoying the wonderful weather and the peace and quiet. Ironic really since I have access to so much more in the way of culture here and yet it waits for me to find it and does not present itself in my face. I was standing on the street outside my folk’s house a moment ago and I was struck by the absence of noise of any sort. No dogs barking, no  distant thumping of speakers, no people shouting..just blessed peace and quiet. I had to leave the Caribbean to get to a place of peace – who knew?

Trinidad is anything but a place of peace right now with the Summit of the Americas taking place. I left knowing that had I not the place I live and the place I work would be under lockdown because the government decided that citizens are a nuisance and their free movement was a hindrance to visitors. If this were the G20 or something I might not have minded so much but the SOA is a talk shop from which absolutely nothing  of substance has ever emerged. To be frank it is another ego boosting enterprise for the ersatz PM to show off to the world. That is all well and good but to spend about a billion dollars of taxpayers money to feed your ego verges on the criminal. Worse still is the upcoming Commonwealth Heads meeting which we also ( jnexplicably) offered to host. So we will go down in history for hosting two of the world’s most useless summits at a cost that could have built a new hospital or helped fix the roads or utilities. And to add insult to injury they have banned any demonstrations during the summit. I thought it was a sign of a democracy that people could protest peacefully. Thanks Nero.

In other news I went out to buy a new Mac and found them cold, ugly and expensive. Having had 2 failed Macs in a month I was somewhat hesitant to give Apple any more of my money. WHat happened, instead, was I saw a dreaded WindoZe laptop that was exceedingly beautiful. She is a Toshiba PORTEGE ( I swear they spell it all in caps) and has some rather nifty features which almost overcome the hideousness that is Vista. Who came up with this craptacular piece of rubbish? At least I can look at my red PORTEGE and think she is lovely as opposed to every other windows ( and Mac) laptop I saw in several stores.

We will see how I survive but I have Macified her complete with Expose and a dock….at the very least |I can look at her and not feel ashamed.


One Comment to “The Dark side from Toronto”

  1. My first ever laptop (bought in Japan when I was teaching English 10 years ago) was a Toshiba. Good brand!

    Enjoy your time in Canada. Sounds restful!

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