The prodigal blogger returns from the abyss to blog again. To be perfectly honest I have been getting my online expression fix via facebook and experimenting with Twitter. Regarding the latter I am still not sure if it is an expression of pure ego or something useful since there really is only so much expressing one can do in 140 characters. It certainly is fun to follow on my iPod Touch when I am near a wireless network ( which is most of the time). Anyone interested in my sporadic twittering can follow me @globewriter.

Toronto was relaxing and pleasant though the trauma of leaving my parents to return to work in Trinidad was very difficult and moreso because neither is in the best of health right now. I try not to think about it but aging parents is a fact of life just as is my inevitable creep towards the graveyard.

Trinidad has been the usual mess of silliness and incompetence. I missed the Summit of the Americas which resulted in…anyone? …anyone? Absolutely nothing is correct! All we are left with is a PM with an even bigger ego, an undisclosed expenditure but probably well over $100 million US and the prospect of a similar expenditure for the equally useless and irrelevant Commonwealth Heads meeting in November. Ah well, it is only our money and it is not like the world is in a recession or anything because the PM says it is just a “blip” and he knows better than anyone else after all.

The most bizzarre development is the opening of a highway interchange to alleviate traffic problems for those heading south. It is a simple swerving overhead highway section with nothing even remotely impressive or extrordinary about it but it has become something of a magnet for locals. Believe it or not people park on the shoulder of the elevated section for picture taking, having drinks and generally just hanging out. In any other place the police would stop such odd behaviour but when our crew went up a few days after it was open lo and behold the PM and his entourage pulled up and parked on the shoulder so he could have a gander at the view and engage in an impromptu meet and greet. They can talk all they want about this country working towards developed country status ( whatever that means) but when it comes down to it the average mentaility here is actually very much third world.

And finally, I am actually loving my Toshiba Portege and think she is the cutest laptop anywhere and oh so portable. I just wish Windows were not such a dog’s breakfast of bad interface and usability issues. I don’t have Windows Stockholm Syndrome but damn OS X is miles ahead of this pile of unimaginative coding.


3 Comments to “Finally”

  1. Welcome back! Glad you had a good time in Canada. Have added you on Twitter (bad boy for not having added me yet, I’ve been using it for yonks).

    The laptop sounds good. I’m still enjoying my Samsung 10″ netbook. I’ve become a laptop convert really because my work machine is a Dell laptop.

    Am working from home at the moment as hurt my foot running. Long story.

    I’ve started online dating and have a date next week. You remember that I’m desperately seeking Steven right?

    Talk soon.

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