The joys of doing nothing

004I didn’t really plan to upload an entry tonight but what the hell. Had a day off today and did basically nothing except watch TV and go to the supermarket. The thing is I am never bored being by myself and actually enjoy it. This seems to be an unusual thing for most young people but since I am addicted to TED and I can be at home and learn new things. How can one ever be bored learning new things from the comfort of home?

Rob called around 7 to ask if I had eaten and he suggested we go for dinner somewhere. I love my own cooking but Rob is excellent company so I said yes.  He picked me up in Cascade and we considered investigating if the new Carlton Savannah in my area was open and had a restaurant but other than a brief veer towards the hotel we kept driving to the Savannah. Then Rob suggested Tamnak Thai ..which I have blogged about previously..but I thought things might have improved. As we got there we decided to go to Apsara ( Indian) instead which is located downstairs. I have never escaped Apsara without feeling I would throw up and on one occassion I almost did so in the restaurant over the meal but I thought what the hell…you never know. We went in, ordered and ate and it really was OK. Not great but OK. I managed to make it home before that weird queasy Apsara feeling swept over me. There must be some combination of the spices, too much coconut milk or oil that does it but I think I will wait at least another year before eating there again.

As I go, and because I am using Vista on my Portege ( not my beloved OS X) to type this I  have a few questions for Senor Gates and his MicroCrap team.

  • Why does the effing thing run so slow?
  • Why is everything not integrated like it is in OS X? Honestly I should be able to drag something from one application to another…but I can’t.
  • Why do you not include an antivirus?  I am happy with Kaspersky ( love those Russians) but seriously know your OS is a virus magnet…protect your customers.
  • Why can I not zoom in on any window like I can in OS X? Sometime I want to see things closer and all I have to do in OS X ixs hold the CTRL key and double finger slide on the trackpad.
  • You are a bigger company than Apple why do you not include a suite of applications like iLife so I can edit photos etc? And don’t get me started on stupid Windows Media Centre. |It is a steaming pile of crap.
  • Your lame widgets are a sorry excuse for OS X’s dashboard…why did you even bother with them when they suck system resources? 
  • Aero? You were kidding right? It is not even close to Apple’s interface…it is sad.
  • Did you watch the clip of Steve Jobs saying you have no imagination as a company? Seriously…you don’t!

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