Bats in the belfry.

Bats in Toco

No denying it has been a while since I posetd an entry on here but sometimes the spirit just isn’t in the mood to move me. Actually, to be frank, I haven’t been in a particularly great mood since my Toronto trip. Sometimes living on a small island can provide enormous amusement and at other times the stupidities and annoyances of everyday life can really get to me. The past month or so has fallen into the latter category.

The daily horror of watching how democracy has managed to result in this country having a government that seems hell bent on spending money on as many non-revenue generating activities as possible is not one that I find easy to endure. I wonder if there is such a concept as Idiocracy? The sad thing is that there aren’t any good replacements visible on the other side and even then they would be too busy fighting like children to accomplish much. At least it provides rich fodder for the local media and my programme in particular. I have uploaded a few to youtube should anyone be interested ( search for ieTV One on One).

I am getting increasingly used to the two new omnipresent inorganic additions to my life.  My glasses no longer make me feel seasick when I walk around with them on. I think glasses are somehow evil as I find I actually need them for a lot of basic things I used to do quite happily without them. They go on as I wake up ( so I can check the news and email on my iPod Touch) and only come off  if I am driving or not dealing with reading or computer screens. It must be part of a vast ( and aren’t they always) global ( as always) conspiracy on the part of eyeglass makers. I am also still enjoying my Toshiba M800 laptop and, were it not for having to use **shudder** Windows I might actually love it. It points out how a clean user interface can make all the diference. Windows feels like an OS that was designed by committee – and a committee of  not very smart people with no taste. Still, when the vagaries of the OS drive me to distraction I just look at her lovely pinstriped crimson exterior and I calm down.

“So you think you can dance” is about to start on Fox/CTV so that’s the end of this entry…more to follow.


11 Comments to “Bats in the belfry.”

  1. Sorry to hear you’re in a glass half empty phase. I’m always on the cusp of falling into that. Glad the laptop is still working out well! Still really like my 10″ netbook but – seeing as it’s now become my main PC, I’m kind of wishing I’d got something more powerful. I may pass this off to my mum and get something more powerful.

    Just seen you on youtube. You brush up very well indeed!! 😀

  2. Actually my age if you brush too hard bits fall off 😉

    • hey man you prob dont remember me im annas son from ireland , just came across you by accident, dont know if you knew but the granny died would be your grandads brothers wife she was 97 , tell ida please as my mother has lost contact details. hope to hear from you . pad

  3. That pic looks awesome! may i ask where you took that out?

  4. Thanks Mikel. It was taken in Toco. They were sleeping in an ashoka tree so I crawled under the tree and took a few pics facing them. They are such sweet little things.

  5. hey man how are you ? just wishing you a happy xmas n new year , im off on my travels 2 , thailand vietnam n laos maybe get to the phillippenes if i have time , take care buddy. pad

  6. hey man hows things < when ya gona get back to ireland , be great to see ya again , been years , paddy o toole annas son , the ma was askin for you

  7. I’ve been good Paddy. How was your trip?I wish I could come back there ASAP but I end up using up whatever vac I have visiting Mum in Toronto and visiting the ABC islands to write my travel books. I love the Irish climate…I truly hate the heat. ANy plans to visit the Caribbean? You can email me at ( I am separating the email address to block spambots) globewriter @ gmail dot com

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