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February 13, 2010

The Carnival Plan

( I look like a complete gimp but still…David Rudder…a talent like few other on the planet)

Carnival is upon us in Trinidad and I have come to resent it more and more. It used to be a display of  cultural exuberance but now I see it more and more as a display of emptiness. The music is all rhythm and no melody – and I am not just speaking as someone getting older – the average number of beats per minute is now over 150. The masquerade itself, with the exception of MacFarlane and Cobo ( protest but lovely) Mas is just beads and feathers. The average person not playing Mas ( masquerade) has to deal with silly traffic restrictions and being held up by gangs of itinerant youths looking to grab whatever they can. My new and well developed plan is to escape the stupidity and escape to Tobago.

My plan is a finely tuned one as many Trinidadians descend on Tobago after Carnival. The clever part of my escape is that I am getting out of Trinidad in the narrow space in between which Tobagonians plan to flee  and Trinis start descending like flies on an animal carcass. It helps having a friend with an ocean view home.

My biggest thrill this year ( as always)  was interviewing David Rudder for my chat show. If ever there was a more modest talent I would like to know about it. His songs make my pulse race and his live performances are simply brilliant. I am thankful that when I first came back to this island I was lucky enough to be at events that allowed me to see him performing in intimate settings. If you possibly can please download his music from itunes ( sadly only the older stuff..but still Hammer, Calypso music, Rally round the West Indies are worth listening to) and listen to his lyrics.

Here now is my plan:

–  work tomorrow…hope there is no serious traffic obstruction.

– Go to the grocery ( aka Hi Lo) and buy important things like decaf coffee and cigarettes.

– come home and do laundry.

– Go to work again ..  the  traffic will be awful despite the fact I have a police pass.

– Head to Tobago… if I can get through POS to the airport for which there is no guarantee because the police pass means squat in this ridiculously disorganized country.

– relax …contingent on me getting to the airport in the midst of thousands of idiots jumping up and down.