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April 9, 2010

Strangeways, here we come.

Gee it seems that national elections were just a couple of years ago – oh wait – they were.  The PM hasn’t actually given a date for elections but given he dissolved parliament it will definitely be within three months. So the fun now begins for the country and especially for those of us in  media.

There is much speculation ( which was a national hobby in any case) as to the reasons for calling an election only halfway through the full term of office but since we can’t see into the PM’s head ( there simply aren’t any mind altering substances to allow such a thing) it is all just guessing. Sure, the government has been hit by several punches in a row recently. There are ongoing concerns about its spending habits, the little matter of a $30 million church being built on donated state land by the PM’s “spiritual advisor” and, most recently, the release of the findings of the UFF Commission into the construction sector which seems to indicate that the state agency responsible for construction was using an operating manual written by Lewis Carroll.  The latter matter was supposed to be discussed in Parliament today during an Opposition planned vote of no confidence motion but that has been effectively quashed.

The outcome of this election is impossible to predict as despite widespread discontent with many aspects of the current government’s policies the two opposition parties will have to reach some sort of accommodation to form a united front. We shall see.

In the meantime  the media will be gearing up for election coverage and for the inevitable parade of political hopefuls looking for airtime on interview programmes. One thing that is certain – media owners will be smiling as  political advertisement money comes flowing in during the run-up.