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July 7, 2010

A thought

( apparently WordPress censors content ( a few words on them in an upcoming entry) but you can just click here:

This defines camp. And the actors include Terence Stamp ( with a long and glorious career), Guy Pearce ( later to do Memento often considered one of the best films ever made) and Hugo Weaving ( to become Agent Smith in Matrix…one of my favourite films). Apparently, being in a camp film is a recipe for success in some cases.

It was a strange film and while drag makes me shudder it even had me very amused. If you have never seen it you should ¬†– ¬†just to see that excess can be just enough sometimes. I normally believe that less is more ( especially in food and decor) but as my Muse Oscar Wilde once said “nothing succeeds like excess”.

P.S. WordPress like the rest of the corporate internet needs to realize that these things encourage people to rent the damned film. DUH