Good for you.

To everybody who has asked me why I am so upset about bullying and serial blogging about it – including one of my best friends. I am glad you were never beaten up as a kid in school. I was. I am glad you weren’t. I want to use the F word but I will refrain. Interestingly, it was in #Toronto where you would least expect it .

And yes, I did try to kill myself at least twice. But I survived the name calling and punching and I am stronger for it. To those who called me names and hit me many times I say :  Fuck you!  I hope your lives are miserable – which they probably are. And to those who ask why I am blogging about something so personal. Well, if it stops just one random gay or straight  kid  who happens to seem different from killing himself or herself  and ending a proud and amazing life it will be worth it.

And another reason for me to be angry.


2 Comments to “Good for you.”

  1. Vern , you should be exceptionally proud of who you are and what you have achieved….I am exceptionally proud of you and always will be….In the End , the opinion of those who TRULY know you is worth a thousand time more than the opinion of MORONS…I believe in God and I believe in Evolution ; Evolution is like a wave , some of us who choose to live our lives being caring and tolerent of others are at the front of the wave , those who choose to live their lives full of hate and intolerence are at the far ends of the wave. Do not hate these people Vernon, they are victims of their limited intellects , trapped in boxes ; hating them is like hating someone with downs sydrome. Having said that I wish I had known way back when that you were being assaulted – I would have dealt with it at the “street justice” level. Love yuh bro….. Big little brother

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