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October 6, 2010

Sometimes words are not enough….

My brother as a kid.

I have one brother who I love very much and despite  the usual arguments over the years we have a strong bond.  He posted the following as a comment on one of my entries about bullying. It has touched me so much that I thought I should share it as a separate entry all by itself. May everyone be as blessed as me with a family that loves them.

“Vern , you should be exceptionally proud of who you are and what you have achieved….I am exceptionally proud of you and always will be….In the End , the opinion of those who TRULY know you is worth a thousand time more than the opinion of MORONS…I believe in God and I believe in Evolution ; Evolution is like a wave , some of us who choose to live our lives being caring and tolerant of others are at the front of the wave , those who choose to live their lives full of hate and intolerence are at the far ends of the wave. Do not hate these people Vernon, they are victims of their limited intellects , trapped in boxes ; hating them is like hating someone with downs sydrome. Having said that I wish I had known way back when that you were being assaulted – I would have dealt with it at the “street justice” level. Love yuh bro….. Big little brother”

October 6, 2010

An unexpected moment of joy.

As is was walking this evening I had an unexpected moment. It was only 5 minutes in so endorphins have nothing to do with it – I was overwhelmed with joy. I don’t know why it happened but it did.  I felt joy flowing all over me  for the first time in a long time and I was happy for it. My wrists might have moved. I don’t know.

I thought about it and I have come up with a few conclusions. I think it was because I have survived. I have lived life this long and proved I have worth. In my other life I am someone on their TV who exists to interview people. In my real life I have survived  being ridiculed and physically attacked so many times I lost count. The spate of teenage suicides  has made me talk about things to my friends. I didn’t realise that I never spoke about these matters even with my closest friends. And as I related my slowly returning memories to them they each said it went a long way to explaining why I am the person I am today. Catharsis feels good.

The suicide of  those many gay  or  perceived gay kids in the last week in the US forced me to think about my past. So  Asher and Seth you made an older person confront things. My friends – and I adore them – said that , like me – if  they  had 5 cents for every time they were called names – they would all be rich by now.    So when people ask me why I care – Duh.  It only ended at the University of  Toronto. It was the first time in my life I didn’t fear going to school. And it led to my passion for media.

I survived my childhood and now have a job I love.   I look at my adopted country Canada and how far it has come in accepting   human nature  in all its wonderful diversity and I know there must be hope for this part of the world too. I can only imagine the number of kids here who have no place to go and need help.  Life is often cruel but how we try to stop that cruelty is a measure of our humanity . I plan to be more human.

And having watched 8 : the mormon proposition  I am so angry I can’t describe. – it prompted this late night gut spilling.

Remember  to wear  Purple on the 20th. We can make a difference.