The global family of those who care and want to end hatred.

I am always deeply grateful that people read this blog and, given the change of tone lately to make it more relevant, I am especially happy to see that it has resonated. There is a global family out there of people who resent inequality and who want to see an end to hatred and little kids being driven to despair. Like many of you I went through what they are going through and we should all feel very angry that it is still happening now.

Based on this random capture of some of the readers that visited today and the fact that many of them read about Spirit Day on October 20, 2010 I hope that the world looks a bit more purple that day. I am just one voice and I am sure there are hundreds of thousands of us on the web calling for a change. An end to hatred and an end to kids feeling that there is something wrong with them just because they are a bit different. And if you are a young person reading this – look at how big your family is – in just a few hours on one small blog coming from a very small island.

We care and if we all raise our voices together we can change the world.


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