A perspective from the other side of the world…

Being a voracious reader I was pleased to run across an Indian e-publication called Gaylaxy which covers issues affecting India’s LGBT community. So far it has been a fascinating read  from a unique perspective.  I especially liked an article called OMG! He’s Gay!!! written about  youth homophobia:

In their state of the nation poll, CNN-IBN last year had shown that 73% Indians think homosexuality is unnatural while 86% Indians believe that homosexuality should not be legalised in India. In a nation driven by biases and prejudices in every section of the society, the findings were not astonishing. However, it is unfortunate that a developing nation like India is still in the clutches of homophobia. Homophobia is a social malaise, is what we believe. And it is for us to educate the masses about ourselves.

Read more here.


2 Comments to “A perspective from the other side of the world…”

  1. We are glad that u have liked all the issues so far.. we hope to keep coming up iwth more in the future

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