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November 3, 2010

Canada rolls out its own It Gets Better Campaign.

Though my adopted homeland is very progressive by world standards when it comes to LGBT rights  it is still not always easy for kids. Some kids are still bullied despite the fact that all levels of government are , at least ostensibly, working to ensure that discrimination based on sexual orientation does not happen. Sadly, the system also allows various religious denominations to preach that LGBT kids are somehow fundamentally flawed and this filters down to both the kids and the bullies.

It may be a little late but Canada has now chipped in with its own version of It Gets Better. I must say it is filmed very well and definitely has a Canadian feel to it. Enjoy.


November 3, 2010

Ricky Martin on Oprah and an important PSA on cyber bullying .

A touching interview in which Ricky Martin talks about his kids and coming to terms with himself. Watch it while it is still available – I suspect  there will be a takedown notice soon enough.

Via The New Civil Rights Movement


And here’s an interesting video on cyber bullying I found via @TorontoPolice on Twitter. It is an unpleasant reality for so many kids today.


November 3, 2010

Video: Gay and Gray | Freedom to Marry

Interesting AARP interview with SAGE about some of the issues that older LGBT people face in the US.

Via Freedom to Marry

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