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November 11, 2010

At least it got me to read the sports page.

In the Guardian today:

The Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez has broken ranks with the football establishment, including members of his own team and the German football federation, who have warned that coming out could destroy a player’s career.

But Gomez, who has not said whether he is gay, told a German magazine that being honest about their sexuality would improve gay players’ performance.

“They would play as if they had been liberated,” Gomez said. “Being gay should no longer be a taboo topic.”

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November 11, 2010


I like Skype as much as the next person so I was surprised I had never heard of the concept of e-marriage.

Via Towleroad


Rick Kamel of the ‘Legal E-marriage Project‘ contacted Towleroad with photos and a report from what he’s calling “the first digital gay wedding ever to take place in Dallas, Texas and indeed the nation.”

Kamel writes: “Digital matrimony history was made when Thomas Mark Reed and Dante Karl Walkup, after 10 years as partners, were wed in Dallas. Duly authorized officiant, Shelia Alexander-Reid, administered the vows via Skype from the District of Columbia.”

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November 11, 2010

Inspiring and disturbing all at once.

So a Twitter friend pointed me to this interesting video of a young poet discussing  being young, black and gay which, in itself,  is an interesting viewpoint to hear. I am sure it is the sort of thing that would make a lot of people stop and think and might even inspire other young, black LGBT people.  This is the video:

What I find disturbing is the horrifying hatred and ignorance in most of the comments on the original site that I viewed the video on. If you have the stomach for it and better blood pressure control than me you can view them here. Simply sickening.