Not much of interest to post.

Still on Curacao. Took a tour of the Kura Hulanda Museum of African History again. Wonderful that gay Dutch billionaire Jacob Gelt Dekker would spend his money on such a worthwhile enterprise.  It is a very moving and extremely comprehensive collection. Unlike anything I have ever seen.

I found the KKK display interesting because the guide mentioned those attacked as blacks, Jews and Roman Catholics. When I asked her about LGBT people also being attacked  ( to be honest she is elderly so I just said ‘gay people ‘) – she paused and then said – yes gay people too. So interesting that it has to be brought up. I was wearing a rainbow wristband at the time so she should have seen that question coming.

There is no difference. Hatred is hatred whether you are hated for your skin or for your heart.

Interestingly, this evening in Rif Fort in Otrobanda , I saw a lesbian couple walking, hugging and even kissing. Nobody batted an eye. That is when you know you are in a civilized country. Good for Curacao.


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