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December 10, 2010

World Human Rights Day at the UN

During a discussion on LGBT rights at the UN today the US showed its mettle by announcing that it will not simply accept the disgraceful vote that took place at the UN recently. The vote “left out any mention of sexual orientation from a resolution condemning the extrajudicial killing of vulnerable people worldwide” and , in fact , saw the reference removed for the first time in a decade. The motion was introduced by Benin and saw the support of most of the English Speaking Caribbean, most of Africa and nations such as Iran.  Trinidad & Tobago chose to abstain rather than do the right thing.

At least the US plans to have the vote reversed.

Rice said she was “incensed” by a recent vote in a General Assembly committee that left out any mention of sexual orientation from a resolution condemning the extrajudicial killing of vulnerable people worldwide. Previous resolutions had included the mention.

The American ambassador said that the United States will sponsor a U.N. amendment to restore the reference to killings based on sexual orientation. “We’re going to stand firm on this basic principle,” she said.

Rights groups welcomed Rice’s announcement, and called on all U.N. member states to support the amendment.

“Words do have a meaning at the U.N.,” said Boris Dittrich of Human Rights Watch. “Reintroducing the reference to sexual orientation in the resolution could help put an end to the hateful killing of people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.”
Read more at CBS News here.

December 10, 2010

It Gets Better: Minister Glen Murray Toronto

This video is especially moving because it is clearly coming from his heart.Inspiring.Glen Murray, Ontario’s Minister of Research and Innovation learned, thanks to a dear friend, that it gets better when you live your life for the people you love and the things you hope – not for the people you’re afraid of and the things you fear. It’s a message he shares with all LGBT teens.

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December 10, 2010


Erasure have announced the release of a brand new version of their top 5 single, A Little Respect — HMI Redux, out on 5 December 2010. A colourful new video… via Towleroad

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December 10, 2010

Rhodes Scholars – It Gets Better.

The reach of Dan Savage’s project is pretty amazing.


December 10, 2010

Good Riddance

LezgetReal is reporting that Bahati has been deported from the US and is now on a  plane over the Atlantic. Pity it wasn’t an under-fueled drone.

Bye- Bye Bahati.  Sources have informed LGR that David Bahati ,who was taped for yesterday and today’s Rachel Maddow Show, was told to get out of the USA by authorities Thursday.

Bahati had planned on staying in the USA; he could leave over the weekend, but he was asked to leave right away by Department of State  officials.  He had been banned and refused entry to the conference which was the  basis for his  his single event VISA to enter the USA.  When he showed up for the Conference he was asked by Organizers to leave and refused entry, despite the fact that other MP’s from Uganda had been allowed to participate.

The organizers cited the fact that they would not associate themselves with the Author of what became known as the Kill Gays Bill, officially The Anti-Homosexual Bill; which Bahati hopes will pass in Uganda in the Spring.

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