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February 2, 2011

An ‘in your face’ approach to protest.


“So there were some religious right wing people protesting about how we’re all going to Hell. So I called my friend Ben, and we decided to show them how fun sinning can be. We got lots of approval from the crowd, and even ran into people a few blocks away who told us that we were awesome :)”

February 2, 2011

They’re at the gate and you can’t ignore them.

The events in Cairo have been unsettling today to put it mildly. Anyone who has the slightest belief that all people have a right to be heard by their government  and to have their fundamental rights protected cannot fail to be horrified. After over a week of relatively peaceful protest so-called pro-Mubarak rental mobs have suddenly appeared on the scene inciting violence. A situation that an Al Jazeera anchor has described as the Egyptian Government  exploring the Nero option.

I don’t have many connections with Egypt, but like many around the world who believe in human rights and the rights of people to have decent governments I am gripped by developments.  To see a leader so enamored with power after thirty years that he will cut off  the internet and set the police on his own people  speaks volumes about the depth of his own evil.

To me it is analogous  to numerous other  struggles going on within countries by groups of people who demand the right to be heard.  In the US and worldwide LGBT people are engaged in a battle for their own rights – often in countries where doing so puts their own lives in peril.  Just as  the poor and dispossessed around the world are also demanding that their governments provide a path to economic and social improvement. There is something about the human spirit that forces us to eventually reach the end of our leash and demand our rights. The threshold may take years to reach or sometimes it only comes when some other factor like technology allows for empowerment and organization.

Facebook and Twitter may have been accelerants for the  initial protests in Egypt and Tunisia but they just made things more convenient for activists. History will tell us that Russia, the USA and France didn’t need  modern social networking to have real change and neither do Tunisia or Egypt.  Successful activists of all sorts will make use of any tools available. In this case they were also able to use emergency tools provided by tech giants like Google and ISPs in other countries that reached out to countermand Mubarak’s censorship of  free communication.

Mubarak must come to terms that the Barbarians may well be at the gate – but he’s in their house.

February 2, 2011

Good Advice

Ironic though it may be, my nephew, who is like my own son is being bullied  at school. Good advice from some good people.

And as I said on Facebook – I had nobody to protect me when I was being bullied but he does – namely me. It has to stop.  The world has to put up a unified face against bullying for whatever reason.  Because a kid is weaker or perceived to be LGBT. Whatever the reason – no kid deserves to be threatened. If you are a parent you are failing in your responsibilities if your kid is involved in bullying.

Let’s just put a stop to this.