Wael Ghonim – a man who offers his life for his people.

The man who has become one of the most compelling faces of the Egyptian revolution is a fascinating figure.He doesn’t want to be viewed as a hero but his story is compelling. I have been following him on Twitter but didn’t know the story of his life.

Looking at Wikipedia I see that he really is a patriot who loves his country.

Ghonim persuaded Google to allow him to return to Egypt, citing a “personal problem”.[12] After his arrival, he disappeared on 27 January 2011 during thenationwide unrest in Egypt. His family told Al-Arabiya and other international media that he was missing. Google also issued a statement confirming the disappearance. Many bloggers like Chris DiBona and Habib Haddad campaigned in an attempt to identify his whereabouts. On 5 February 2011, Mostafa Alnagar, a major Egyptian opposition figure, reported Wael Ghonim as alive and detained by the authorities and to be released ‘within hours’.[13] On 6 February 2011,Amnesty International demanded that the Egyptian authorities disclose where Ghonim was and to release him.[14]

Read the Wikipedia entry here.


2 Comments to “Wael Ghonim – a man who offers his life for his people.”

  1. Consider a political system that fills its positions by an honest lottery drawing, and to be entered and qualified for any position one would have to be of good moral and ethical character and reputation, be well educated and be able to apss a test on what it means to uphold everyone’s human rights.

    Entrants could be brought in on varied dates to avoid huge changes at one time and serve for 2 or 3 years.

    Records of good conduct could bring a bonus for the public servant or a public record of corruption for shame if one does bad.

    Corrupt governments depress and ruin some to the point of suicide. Do the best you can good Egyptians to set up the best and most honest form of government you can for your country and for those who lost their lives in your struggle. Why just trade one form of corrupt government for another ?

    Sincerely and Respectfully

    i.L. do Right

  2. The molesting of Lara Logan in the celebration at Tahrir square was the one blotch on this modern display of the millennial spirit of that great land. Some accounting by the perpetrators is necessary, even if it’s only a public online naming and shaming, if the tourists are to come back soon and embrace and rejoice in the rebirth of timeless Egypt! The soldiers and women who pulled her out have some notion of who was responsible…

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