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February 23, 2011

Ministerial conference on same sex marriage postponed.

The press conference on same sex marriage scheduled by Trinidad & Tobago’s Minister of Planning, Social & Economic Restructuring and Gender Affairs has been postponed as “further research” is needed.  Might have something to do with putting the cart before the horse as  T&T still has ( seldom enforced) anti-sodomy laws.


Release from the ministry today.



February 23, 2011

Trinidad Express – Where does government stand on equality?


The Trinidad Express, which has been providing daily coverage of LGBT issues in T&T for the past week,has now devoted an entire editorial to equality. It should be noted that of the three national dailies it is the only one that has taken this issue on board and made it a priority.

“For failure to admit sexual orientation as a ground of discrimination, T&T has been lagging behind the rest of the progressive world which has long been taking this development in stride. Some clarification is due on where this government stands: whether with the scripture-quoting homophobia identified with big names in reggae culture, or with the enlightened consensus holding that all human beings should be treated equally. The clarification is especially necessary in light of the fact that gay rights appeared to be immediately opposed by a Government Senator-Minister invoking, not only religion, but not even his own religion.

Read the rest here.

Interesting that the great majority of comments thus far are positive.