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February 24, 2011

Pink Shirt Day in Canada against bullying.

Canadian school kids observe Pink Shirt Day to raise awareness about bullying. The event started in Nova Scotia in 2007 as a show of solidarity by classmates for a kid who was bullied for wearing a pink polo shirt.  The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported on the event back then.

“Two Nova Scotia students are being praised across North America for the way they turned the tide against the bullies who picked on a fellow student for wearing pink.

The victim — a Grade 9 boy at Central Kings Rural High School in the small community of Cambridge — wore a pink polo shirt on his first day of school.

Bullies harassed the boy, called him a homosexual for wearing pink and threatened to beat him up, students said.

Two Grade 12 students — David Shepherd and Travis Price — heard the news and decided to take action.

“I just figured enough was enough,” said Shepherd.

They went to a nearby discount store and bought 50 pink shirts, including tank tops, to wear to school the next day.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Global TV reported on this year’s observance ( several parts – sorry)

Wonderful that police and firemen are joining in too. Proud of Canada as always.

February 24, 2011

The Telegraph reports that Britain is poised to seize Gaddafi’s assets

The  Telegraph is reporting that the UK government is in the process of  rounding up the assets of the Libyan regime with an aim to forcing Gaddafi out in the most effective way possible – hitting him in the bank account.

“In total, the Libyan regime is said to have around £20 billion in liquid assets, mostly in London. These are expected to be frozen as part of an international effort to force the dictator from power. A Whitehall source said: “The first priority is to get British nationals out of Libya. But then we are ready to move in on Gaddafi’s assets, the work is under way. This is definitely on the radar at the highest levels.”

Read the rest in the Telegraph here.

Let’s hope this is one more brick being pulled out from the foundations of  this ugly man’s regime.

February 24, 2011

Touching CNN video of crowds greeting Ben Wedeman in Benghazi

Jubilant crowds greet Ben Wedeman of CNN – the first Western journalist to arrive in Benghazi. The joy in the faces of the people speaks volumes even as they face possible retaliation from their brutal former leader.

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February 24, 2011

Interview with Colin Robinson of CAISO

One on One interview from ieTV with Colin Robinson of the Coalition Advocating for the Inclusion of Sexual Orientation. Colin speaks about the UN vote on extra-judicial killings and T&T’s actions, the possibility of amending national legislation, same sex marriage and a number of other issues. He is especially concerned that the discussion about same sex marriage is premature and that more basic legislation needs to be dealt with first.

February 24, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church gets Pwned

Via JoeMyGod

After scoffing at an alleged threat from hacker group Anonymous and saying “bring it on” – the whack job church gets its wish.

At time of writing the church’s site is unreachable.

Whether this is real or not it deserves posting just for the use of the word bitchslap.

Hacktivism makes for strange bedfellows.

And the church site is hacked by Anonymous live while a member of the church is being interviewed.

February 24, 2011

On the Buju Banton verdict

I was aware of the conviction of Buju Banton shortly after it happened, but given my feelings on that particular individual I decided to give it 24 hours. I gather that bloggers around the region have been lamenting the verdict with various reasons ranging from him being framed to some nebulous conspiracy that involves him being Caribbean  and the ever popular gay agenda. Global Voices Online is even reporting that Jamaica is in mourning.

The fact is there is video of  Buju Banton chatting with federal agents and tasting the cocaine ( presumably that requires some experience) and he is now convicted.  What is the problem?  It seems that Caribbean people expect to have a different standard of justice and/or they are too stupid to recognize that their idols have clay feet. Now to the gay agenda conspiracy. Mark Anthony Myrie ( his real name) is probably most famous for his song  “Boom Bye Bye”  that celebrated the killing of gay people.  Under the threat of boycotts and several cancellations Myrie claimed he would change his ways but he subsequently reversed that decision.  The lyrics of the song are in Jamaican English but here are a few of them with a translation by :

Boom bye bye
[Boom (as in gun sound) goodbye, goodbye]
(as in we won’t be seeing you again, you’re dead)

Inna batty bwoy head
[In a queer’s head]

Rude bwoy no promote no nasty man
[Rude boys don’t promote no queer men]
(Rude boys: dancehall singers)

Dem haffi dead
[They have to die]

Send fi di matic an
[Send for the automatic [gun] and]

Di Uzi instead
[The Uzi instead]

Shoot dem no come if we shot dem
[Shoot them, don’t come if we shoot them]
(as in don’t come to help them)

Guy come near we
[If a man comes near me]

Then his skin must peel
[Then his skin must peel] (as in pour acid over him)

Burn him up bad like an old tire wheel
[Burn him up badly, like you would burn an old tire wheel]

I am not sure how that can be interpreted as anything other than inciting killing but it seems that doesn’t concern regional bloggers. He has other songs, of course, but I am sure that even the KKK has statements that concern things other than lynching black people.

So here is my brief measured statement with simultaneous translation of real feelings.:

Buju is a major figure in Caribbean culture but his achievements should not be viewed in isolation.

TRANSLATION: He is a dangerous person who hates gay people and putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t make it fine.

While his conviction on federal drug dealing charges is the verdict of the US courts there is a strong view among people in the wider Caribbean that all is not as it seems.

TRANSLATION:  Many people in the Caribbean are shocked that he isn’t treated as a saint  because he is from  Jamaica and the legacy of colonialism should excuse him from drug crimes. Never mind he wants gay people dead – he is Jamaican!

It is unfortunate that he finds himself in this situation but given the sensitivity of Caribbean culture it is to be hoped that this is considered in his sentencing.

TRANSLATION: He tried to deal drugs, he is beyond contempt and I truly hope the reprehensible slime rots in jail.

In conclusion, I can only quote a female friend from Trinidad whose Facebook status said : “boom bye bye homophobe.”

Read the conviction story on CBC News here.

If you want real Caribbean culture try these on for size.