Saif al-Islam Al-Gaddafi redefines ‘shameless liar’

Via Russia Today.

Seemingly thinking invoking the magic name will result in Western support,  Saif al-Islam Al-Gaddafi, is now attributing the popular uprising against the Libyan regime to al-Qaeda . Thinking that the rest of the world would be that stupid is one thing but the  calm way he lies directly to the cameras is a chilling testament to the pure evil he and the rest of his family represent.


2 Comments to “Saif al-Islam Al-Gaddafi redefines ‘shameless liar’”

  1. its not surprising!
    Saif alislam is the son of qaddafi, so he is the little qaddafi.
    He thinks that west is baby, he tried to scare them by alqaida. I think qaddafi must be in the top of the most liars in the work.

  2. Qadafi the father is sick

    this guy Seif is Just Idiot non sense coward he is the one who spoiled the reputation of his father

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