Congrats to PS22 at the OSCARs

Blogged about them for ages – so happy for the amazing kids of PS22 . Well done!


One Comment to “Congrats to PS22 at the OSCARs”

  1. I just watched the Oscar Performance on youtube…. Congrats! What a wonderful performance! To Mr. B. as a fellow Music Educator on Staten Island, I applaud you for the work you do with the kids and how evident it is in their performance that you have instilled not only a life long appreciation for music and the power of the arts but also taught these young people that they are part of something much larger and what they do has an impact on the their community and the world. As they grow they will take their experiences with them.
    To the members of the chorus…You sounded amazing and you made your borough proud. Keep on singing your hearts out! You have much more to do in life, remember that you have a gift…the gift of a voice, the gift of the arts, the gift of a wonderful teacher and the gift of people who believe in you.
    Continue spreading your voice around, the world wants to hear you!
    Musically yours,
    Melissa Packowski

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