Libyan Spokesman Musa Ibrahim loses a hair every time he lies.

He should be bald in a matter of hours.


17 Comments to “Libyan Spokesman Musa Ibrahim loses a hair every time he lies.”

  1. Musa Ibrahim is a lying jerk who deserves the full wrath of criminal courts for his support of a tyranical regime.

  2. LOL that is so true man !!

  3. Yes, I laughed out loud when I read this. so true.

    He reminds me of the ex-Iraqi information minister who kept claiming the allies were nowhere to be seen, even as they marched through the gates of Baghdad.

  4. Call him Dr. Mussa Ibrahim. He has a Dr Degree from London, England.
    Young, Brave and Educated. Libyan people should proud of your son.
    For real better than Bin Laden that elementary school dropped out

    • A degree in digital film does not qualify him to be called Doctor. I don’t know where Bin Laden came in but being a lackey of a shameless regime does not qualify him to be worthy of respect. He is an idiot – pure and simple. And an idiot with blood on his hands.

    • Mousa never defended his thesis, you do not get doctorate for being bald, you know

  5. he lived 15 years in Britain and the only thing he came home with was lying skills and propaganda..He would end up in the Lion’s belly soon.

  6. What a load of Crap! Moussa is doing his duty for the De Facto Government of Libya. Not the Cowboy outfit in the East of Libya that is being used to steal Libyan oil for the West!

  7. If he really looses a hair whenever he lies let’s wait till he is bald! having a degree in films or whatever should qualify him for any position so far as he is competent! But investigations into whoever is guity should prove otherwise. THE TRUTH AND ONLY IT CAN DETERMINE OTHERWISE! Let’ Stand By It And Defend It With No Partiality! God bless all. Insha Alla.

  8. I just hope they hang this lying mutha by his toes when they finally take this murderous regime down.

  9. I sincerely pray for freedom for Libya. There is no need to exact revenge on Mousa the idiot

  10. Musa said, I taught how you can creat a lies and fool any goverment or regime,,, he is nothing as there is many samples of this shit man, do you remember AL SAHAF in Baghdad when the regime get dowm he was the first disapeared from the screen.

  11. The idiot’s end is near. If he is in Sirte, Misurata braves will have his hide. He is a disgrace to humanity and hope to see his end and that of the Gadafis’ regime soon. The wait is over and Misurata braves have moved into Sirte and will clean it in a couple of days.

  12. i wonder this guy musa ibrahim if that is his real name, the spokes person for the tyrant gaddafi, would this be his real name, i am sure he is a criminal, and therefore must be judged and punished for his crimes by the international criminal court of judges.

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