Blog cache of Musa Ibrahim’s German wife

Musa Ibrahim aka Musa Mansour, the Libyan government liar spokesperson  is married to a German woman, Julia Ramelow, who seems to have bought into his misinformation. She has  a blog which she has now locked down  but not before Google managed to cache a copy of it.  The comments are, to say the least, interesting reading. I have copied it to Scribd so as to ensure it is still viewable.

P.S. If you want to be Musa’s Facebook friend you can find him here.


3 Comments to “Blog cache of Musa Ibrahim’s German wife”

  1. Not sure why you would want to post the cache of this. You might not agree with Julia’s opinions, but the most ugly thing on that page is the nasty, vindictive and threatening messages you people left her.

  2. Barry, did it occur to you that the person who posted this doesn’t have to be the person in the blog? This is just a showcase of many similar arguements all over the internet regarding Libya. It’s up because it’s useful for us to reflect on these things.

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