Spirit Day 2011

I thought of putting up an inspiring music video for Spirit Day, I toyed with recording myself  saying something pithy ( if I could have avoided crying), but this is a really important day for me for many reasons. It is partly because  I was bullied in various ways as a kid and that I am still dealing with that internalized self-hatred even now but it is more about the fact that LGBT kids today are still facing it. This subject  brought some amazing people into my life last year. My little blog and my posts led me to meet Eric. Meg and Clay. Three people I adore and treasure and will do so forever despite the fact Eric ,who was the most wonderful person I have ever met,  was murdered along with his kid Cooper.

Spirit Day is not just a feel good  thing, it is about life and death. If we wear purple and kids see they have other LGBT people or allies around them – they see a safe harbor. Maybe, just maybe,  if you wear purple a kid who is feeling hopeless will see that he or she has someone they can talk to and  you can tell them it is okay to be exactly the way they are.

So I have decided to post Anderson Cooper’s excellent discussion about bullying as my Spirit Day tribute to all of our wonderful kids who were bullied to death. Thanks to my friend Dave of SuchisLifeVideos on Youtube for recording so many things that are relevant to our lives.  Kind of hard typing this as the videos have me crying.

Happy Spirit Day! We have a long way to go before our kids are safe from bullying.


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