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November 7, 2011

Interview with Dr. Charleston Thomas, Institute for Gender and Development Studies, UWI

One on One interview with Dr. Charleston Thomas of the I.G.D.S. at the University of the West Indies. He speaks, among other things of the airing of a video on local TV of the alleged rape of a 13 year old girl on a popular but controversial TV program.

The program in question was pulled from the airwaves today pending review by the media house.

Interview aired October 31, 2011 on ieTV, channel 1, Trinidad.



November 7, 2011

Court quashes the extradition of businessmen Ish Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson to the USA.

This important ruling was handed down today.

On the 7th of November, 2011, Justice Boodoosingh, in a 57 page judgement, quashed the Attorney General’s decision to extradite Steve Ferguson and Ish Galbaransingh to the United States.

He declared that the appropriate forum to try the claimants in relation to the award of contracts for the construction of the Piarco Airport is Trinidad and Tobago.

He declared that it would be unjust, oppressive and unlawful to order the extradition of the claimants and that the extradition is debarred by the operation of section 16 (3) of the Extradition Act of Trinidad and Tobago.

The State must pay the costs of the Claimants to be assessed if not agreed.

Justice Boodoosingh’s Ruling Notes:


And the full 57 page judgment here: