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December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

To end the year I though I’d give you all the gift of music just in time for your festivities or in case you miss 2011 tomorrow.  This mastermix of 61 of the  best hits of 2011 by was only uploaded yesterday.  It might get taken down but not before  tomorrow.

Enjoy all and best wishes for 2012!

December 31, 2011

Reuters – 2011 – The Year in Quotes

Wow.  I dunno but I got a few chills remembering. Thanks to Reuters Video. As a journalist myself I love seeing how we document our planet.

December 31, 2011

What a year it was. Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist

What an incredible bit of video editing and also a reminder of how much  my knowledge has expanded because of my wonderful friends on G+ these past few months. This is not my New Year’s message but this video is a great opportunity to pause and reflect on what a remarkable year of  triumph, tragedy and  a celebration of the human spirit 2011 was.

December 30, 2011

Media Association of Trinidad & Tobago Statement on Police Raid of TV6 this week.

December 30, 2011

Oh What the Heck – Why Not – Lady Gaga – Black Jesus † Amen Fashion (Audio)

With apologies if icky Vevo doesn’t work where you are.

December 30, 2011

Out in the World – a BBC 3 Radio Series.

I have been waiting for the  4th  episode to be uploaded but it would be wrong to not post this wonderful radio documentary series which is a broad  history of LGBT people ( not just homosexuality as the  BBC precis says) . I know many people only look at video these days but the BBC creates such amazing mind pictures I am sure this will be worth the time.

Here are the first 3 parts.

Episode 1 – Richard Coles on the modern construction of gay identity and links with the ancient world is here.

Episode 2 – Richard Coles on the ancient Greek culture where homosexuality was part of a social code is here.

Episode 3 – Richard Coles looks at the conflict between sexuality and gender identity is here. ( It also looks at how the ignorance of  the UK and Spain led to them imposing their legislation on the more complex societies they colonized  – the same legislation that many of the most homophobic governments now hold on to as their own.)

That being said it still drives me mental that the BBC still insists on using a pronunciation of the word “homosexual”  as həʊmə`sekʃuəl – which is not used anywhere else in the world.

December 29, 2011

PNP headed for landslide win in Jamaica.

courtesy Box Turtle Bulletin

As my Facebook friend, author Nicholas Laughlin so eloquently put it a few moments ago :

“To summarise: in Jamaica, widely considered the most homophobic country in the Caribbean, the ruling party runs a gay-bashing general election campaign and loses by what can only be called a landslide.”

Some background on the campaign from the Washington Post here.

According to Reuters as of right now the ruling party is, how do they say this politically again? Oh yes, they are getting a massive dose of whup ass.

(Reuters) – Jamaica’s ruling party appeared headed for defeat in national elections on Thursday, as the Caribbean country’s leading opposition party capitalized on voter discontent over growing economic woes.

Preliminary results showed the governing Jamaica Labor Party, or JLP, winning just 21 of the 63 parliamentary seats at stake in the national election.

With about 50 percent of ballots counted, the opposition People’s National Party, or PNP, looked set to win 42 seats, according to results from the national electoral office posted on the website of the Jamaica Observer newspaper.

The moderately left-leaning PNP is led by Portia Simpson Miller, a former prime minister who became Jamaica’s first female leader in 2006 and now looks set to ride a wave of popular disillusionment back into office.

I would like to be optimistic and think the change of government will make a difference for the LGBT community in what Time Magazine called “The Most Homophobic Place on Earth” but I doubt it will. It will however prove that trying to win an election by stirring up hatred against a minority sometimes comes back to kick you in the teeth.

December 29, 2011

‘Moses Melkonian’ – We Are Mighty, We Are Young.

Every now and then the internet tosses up a little surprise in front of me  and today was one of those days. I noticed that someone had liked a post I put up here and they also had a blog so as is polite in the blogosphere I checked the blog out.  The last posting was a music video of him singing a totally funky song called ‘We Are Mighty, We Are Young”. I adore the song and  what a voice.

Here’s the song.

Apparently , according to an interview  with Steezy Street the song was inspired by the Occupy Movement which makes perfect sense. It also gives some of the only background I have been able to find on the performer.

I’ve been making music since I was a kid. My dad (Vartan Melkonian) is a composer and conductor of classical music… I remember being taken out of class to go and watch him record with the Royal Philharmonic in Abbey Road Studios… I had no idea how cool that was… I was just like “that’s loud!” I remember he put me in one of the booths to record whatever I wanted… I decided to play congas over his whole symphony without a bars rest! ha.

So I was learning piano at that time, but I stopped my lessons to pick up drums. I then began playing in many bands rock, jazz and avant-garde then guitar then bass… During this time my musical influences were ever growing and I never stopped composing at the piano… This is the first time I’ve been able to take all my influences, J-Dilla to Bach, and put them into one record.

The artist has a number of  other performances on YouTube including this one in which he starts by explaining that his real name is Richard Melkonian and he has chosen his grandfather’s name to honor him.

So far I have enjoyed all of his performances on YouTube  which you can search for yourself or try just clicking here.  You can also support this breath-of-fresh-air artist by  picking  up the ‘We Are Mighty, We Are Young’ single on iTunes here.

December 29, 2011

State Department turns Clinton’s speech into a music video

December 29, 2011

LipDub of Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory

Via Size Doesn’t Matter blog

This lipdub production by Israel’s Idan Matalon sure put a smile on my face. Hope it adds some holiday cheer to yours.