Preaching the Gospel of Hate

On Sunday the Trinidad Express published a vile advertisement that can only be described as hateful, mean spirited and  a pack of lies. I missed the ad when it ran but thanks to Colin of CAISO|GSPOTT posting it on Facebook it became a subject of much discussion and anger. Naturally, as is typical of such adverts, the usual suspects are mentioned as the saviors of  LGBT people – the ‘pray the gay away’ crowd of evil clowns.

Reputable psychological associations worldwide and even the WHO have indicated that human sexuality is naturally diverse and being lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans is not in any way shape or form a mental illness. Of  course the advertisement doesn’t even use any of those terms because they show that sexuality is only part of the equation that makes us human and also includes such things as gender identity.  The  people who write and publish such things don’t really care about the people they condemn –  they are just fodder for their  moral egos – humanity has no place in their warped and blinkered world. Even they can’t  honestly believe the rubbish they write.

They say they are doing it to save LGBT people from certain hell while doing an excellent job of creating a hell for them in the here and now. If they really want to save large numbers of people from Hades perhaps they should take out ads condemning the wrongs of Islam or Hinduism – there are a lot more Muslims and Hindus than there are LGBT people I assume. The problem is they can’t. Most countries including Trinidad and Tobago have strong laws against inciting religious hatred. So what the bullies do is pick on the ultimate marginalized and often not legally protected group – queer people.

Unable to fight inexorable progress towards full equality in their home countries ( or having lost the fight in places like Canada) they are now trying to export their hateful ideas to the developing world – often in countries where LGBT people’s lives are already threatened.  It is ironic that the advertisement here was placed one day after World Human Right’s Day and a few days after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s groundbreaking speech to the UN on equal rights for LGBT people.

One can safely assume  that any intelligent person would find the ad laughable and dismiss it ( quite rightly) as a feeble attempt by nasty bigots to inflict harm on another group – that is not the worry. The real worry is that some little kid somewhere who is beginning to feel the first stirrings of his or her  attractions might see it and genuinely believe he or she is ‘broken’. If a kid feels he or she is ‘broken’ and knows instinctively that he or she cannot change – they might pursue that one avenue that has seen us lose so many great kids over the years.  The only ‘broken’ people are the ones who can’t love and accept, who can’t resist imposing their beliefs on others, who don’t care about the hurt and damage they can cause and who are the very hypocrites that their Jesus would have soundly condemned.

They should remember that their savior spent his short life with people on the margins preaching the message of love.  They need to remember words ascribed to Jesus at the Last Supper – “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love “one another.”  They also need to go back to the New Testament and count how many times Jesus discussed the ‘sin’ of  homosexuality.

There are some people in T&T and around the world who aren’t taking this hateful ad placement on the chin. A petition is being circulated demanding that the Trinidad Express apologize for publishing it.  Please sign it as every signature makes a difference. As my  friend Bruce in Nova Scotia  points out there is some problematic wording about ‘lifestyle’  ( it isn’t a lifestyle – it is a life) in the petition but we can forgive that for the while as the general point is still there.

The other great news is that after I tweeted the lovely folks of , an international LGBT activism group, to retweet the petition  – they did – and they went further and posted it as a news article on their site.  Read it here.

It is sad that the petition is taking so long to build up momentum but given the fact that  gay sex is still criminalized in T&T (though seldom if ever applied) and there is still much stigma perhaps it isn’t that surprising. Still, standing up for our rights and the rights of others is a measure of our humanity and I am still hoping that more people show their humanity in this regard.


As a media advertising person who I used to work with just noted on a friend’s FB page –

Besides this advertisement being malicious and disgusting…it is also illegal. The Advertising Standards Authority prohibits ads to be published without a clear indication of who is paying for the ad and re-dress information. Letters should be sent to the Media Complaints Council (800-4622); Trinidad and Tobago Publishers and Broadcasters Association (TTPBA); Chamber of Commerce (Media Committee); and MATT.


3 Comments to “Preaching the Gospel of Hate”

  1. No apology is necessary. Straight people are entitled to have views. to deny straight people the right to free speech is very oppressive and proves that that the gay agenda is practicing reverse hate and oppression. Why can the gay community say whatever they wish, without grounds & force it down our throats as if it is the gospel truth. When straight people speak we are now being forced into a closet. may I remind you all that if gay people’s parents made the same decision they made, they would not even be around to complain. So on behalf of the people who would like to see the continuance of humanity, I think you guys should reconsider becoming oppressors.

    • Don’t know where to start with this level of idiocy. You are oppressed? Really? Really? If by gay agenda you refer to people asking that they be provided with equal rights and protections against being harmed then I would remind you that the UN, in that case , is also pursuing the same agenda as is the Government of the United States. If you feel freedom of speech entitles you to be hateful of another group then I would ask if you feel you have a right to publicly hate black people, Jews, left-handed people, dyslexic people, people with green eyes or any other group? If the answer is no then you are just being the homophobic bigot you quite obviously are. To imply that LGBT people made a ‘decision’ to be that way illustrates several things – you can’t read – you believe you are smarter than every psychological association in the modern world – at some point you decided to be heterosexual ( or a self-hating queer person) and an offensive and ill-informed bigot.

      In any case, as they say – don’t feed the trolls – so consider your food supply cut off.

  2. Just wanted to share this quote from an amazing Lady 🙂 “You know, I think that anyone who promotes the idea that God would ever hurt people is one of the scariest, most psychotic things I could think of. I am a religious person but I also really respect people who aren’t religious or who believe in a different God. Everyone is born different. But any group that singles out any type of person, any colour of person, any sexual orientation, any belief and says that in the name of God, that person belongs in hell…that is the sign of evil to me. I truly believe in my heart, that kindness is the future of all good things and nothing, absolutely nothing is religious or beautiful about hatred”. – LADY GAGA 2011

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