How homophobic is Belize? Very apparently.

Following the Obama Administration’s unexpected declaration, as voiced by Hillary Clinton at the UN,  that it is standing up for the rights  of LGBT people worldwide some of the more homophobic nations are showing why that position is more necessary than ever.

Some of the more ignorant voices in Belize, which was specifically mentioned in Clinton’s speech, seems to now have their knickers in a twist over the development.  The headline in Amandala (online) was “US president declares ‘war’ on poor countries”. I kid you not. As is well known, countries like Saudi Arabia are really suffering – which is why they must be allowed to persecute a and  kill LGBT people. The paper also indicated that 80% of Belizeans are in favor of keeping it criminalized – thus illustrating if it’s decency and common sense you want – avoid Belize. Read the rubbish here.

Then yesterday , because being small-minded is really important in Belize, they interviewed their PM Dean Barrow on the subject. Based on his response  their PM is about as enlightened to human rights as a lamppost :

In an interview with Amandala today, Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow frowned upon a recent indication from United States (US) President Barack Obama last Tuesday, via a presidential memorandum, that the US has declared “combat” against countries that it may deem guilty of violence or discrimination against “lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender” persons, dubbed LGBT for short—a war which could have implications for foreign aid allocations to poor nations.
Barrow told Amandalathat he has not yet seen the memo himself, but he doesn’t care what it says, as the Government of Belize will not move from its stance.

The Belize Government has decided to defend the law which pronounces unnatural sex illegal and which permits a 10-year prison term for persons found guilty of sodomy. In reality, though, Belizean law enforcement authorities do not prosecute homosexuals, except in cases of rape and the molestation of minors.

As regards to the Government of Belize’s decision “to defend the law on the nation’s statute books,” said Prime Minister Barrow, if the US is saying that it will cut foreign aid to Belize, “they will have to cut off their aid,” Barrow told us.  Read the rest of the ludicrous  exchange here.  ( I suggest you don’t)

Yes, they simply can’t use the word ‘gay’ in Belize – they must still be waiting for the 1970s to arrive.  So sad that LGBT people – the operative word being PEOPLE – have to live surrounded by such  ignorance and hate.  WTF is  ‘unnatural intercourse’ ?
The links may have died but look! A new one that is even more stupid.
Really? ‘Transvestite’ ? Again, Belize – what century are you all in again? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual – and also Queer, Questioning, Intersex. Get a grip kids.

4 Comments to “How homophobic is Belize? Very apparently.”

  1. Sad, really sad.

    And yet still not as bad as other nations. Although I will never personally support the persecution of gays and lesbians, I also don’t feel the need to enforce people to accept gays and lesbians either.

    It’s not in my place to tell a religious Christian, Jew, or Muslim that their God is wrong and that they should not follow their own book.

    Having said that, imprisonment, torture, and killing of gays or anyone because of sexual orientation or racial background should be outlawed by the UN. Even though you’re allowed to not accept or like gays, you’re certainly not allowed to harm them in any way.

  2. So, ThePersianCloset, you’re fine with slavery, as countenanced in the Bible? Fine with the ritual sacrifice of children, polygamy, the slaughter of neighboring tribes? As long as some nutjob has a book that says it’s fine, then we really shouldn’t impose our silly old sense that it’s just plain wrong to demonize other humans based upon their natural differences?

    Yeah, you’d have fit in just fine in 1930s Germany. Hey, too bad, it’s only other people, who are we to criticize, right? I look forward to the day when humanity progresses beyond sorry-assed apologists like you saying it’s none of our business when others suffer. And to your joining in a rather warm afterlife with all your ilk who choose a phrase here and there in their “Good” Books to justify hatred and cruely.

  3. Please read the links and hopefully the person who wrote and posted this article can make a follow up articles on the links i have pasted by the same newspaper.
    Please i beg of you please post these so your international readers can know what this newspaper is all about.

  4. AnBheal, I wish I could give you a high five right now…

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