Anya Ayoung-Chee throws her weight against hate.

The petition to demand the Trinidad Express apologize for running an offensive advert that, among other things, described LGBT  people as ‘broken’  has been slowly picking up speed thanks to social networking and which posted an article but the pace was infuriating. Yes, the signatures tripled in two days but to have a mere 600 signatures for a subject that affects the  lives of so many people was disturbing to me. I am not broken and I will scream it out to the world

Sign the petition here.

Read the ActUp article here.

This evening the wonderful Anya Ayoung-Chee ( winner of Project Runway season 9 in case you haven’t been following this blog) came on board this evening via Twitter and Facebook. It was interesting that I was being treated to an early birthday dinner this evening and my friend Peter asked why I hadn’t encouraged Anya to join the fight. I didn’t have an answer- it was such an obvious thing – and then – as if to  admonish my sorry ass – she tweeted the ActUp post on Twitter followed by a post on Facebook to sign the petition – synchronicity.

The results have been extraordinary and the petition signatures have accelerated. Poor Anya, who is such a sweet person, has had to endure a fair number of hater comments on FB and even personal  attacks for her posts but she stands up for what is  right and we all need to be proud of her. This might be the pivotal moment in this campaign. A small battle but a significant one  for the LGBT community in T&T.

On another front,  a newspaper response is being arranged for the ignorant and cowardly bullies. Copy is being done by a Trinidadian living in the US with great credentials and the funding is being arranged as we speak.  The bigots may have achieved exactly the opposite of what they planned.

So on behalf of all the young lives that have been insulted by this ad  – a giant video bitchslap  to the evil people who posted  it  – from just a few of the wonderful and most definitely not broken people out there like me.


And finally, as posted before – for all the  LGBT kids who were driven to suicide because of the hate of people like the ones who posted that advertisement.  Never forget!


4 Responses to “Anya Ayoung-Chee throws her weight against hate.”

  1. I just learnt about it, signed and shared. Still flabbergasted that this has been coddled and defacto endorsed so openly by the Express.

  2. While of course “it get’s better” is a nice slogan and also what we want for the future, the “it’s get better” slogan is also problematic because it let’s people off the hook for action and making changes to society now and immediately.

    The slogan allows everyone to be able to stand up for fair treatment for all through words but without actually doing anything to change the system now. We need to realise that while “its get better” is useful in one way it is also problematic in another. We need change today not tomorrow. “it get’s better” is a way for those in power to shirk the responsibility for action here and now. Power works like that; it is seductive. Power offers things we want like hope, while at the same time reinforcing the status quo.

    • It isn’t the only message out there as you must know. It serves a purpose though – to provide LGBT with visible examples of people who survived hatred and emerged stronger. Like cancer survivors there is great inspiration to be derived from triumphing over adversity – it doesn’t mean that cancer is good – we still have to work to eliminate it. There is also the Make it Better Project.


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