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February 19, 2012

Apropos to nothing…

It is Carnival Sunday and … well… I just feel like posting what I consider the best disco song ever.

The original video I attacked was taken down by corporate shills so here’s an even more authentic and evocative video of the song.

The video below was removed so as not to interfere with the massive potential sales of a 70s disco hit ūüėź

February 19, 2012

This Last Week and Month have Been Interesting.

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What a ride it has been these last few weeks. ¬†I work for a very small TV company so when I returned from Canada ¬†another manager decided she had to go on vacation which resulted in me working for 39 days non-stop. ¬† That sucks so much I can’t describe ¬†and add writing for Fodor’s when I got home at night and you see what a hell my life has been. On the wonderfully happy side, I also sent my first article to Gaylaxy Magazine ( India) and ¬†my first article on both of which made me incredibly proud.

On Thursday my 39 days of working producing the news,interviews and my ¬†call-in show came to an end ¬†so yesterday the ‘gay agenda’ dictated that I had to clean. Thankfully my wonderful Ex ¬†came and helped enormously – with the blessing of his current.

This evening I was wandering on the internet and discovered an article by an amazing young gay person called Troy Roness and I noticed that Randy R Potts also posted him on Facebook. ¬†To make a long story short the article is the grittiest article I have ever read – the title alone says it all : “It’s time: Yes, ¬†I’m gay, and I’m unapologetic”

Staring at myself in a mirror, I internalized my shame, guilt, and insecurities. I believed my appearance defined my existence. The perfect grades, the perfect body, and appearing flawless would somehow make me complete. I’ve learned, though, that we aren’t mean to be “perfect”; we’re meant to be whole.

Read the Huffington Post article here.