Random shots from my mobile phone

Sam looking amazing. Blackberry shot.IMG-20120324-00211_1IMG-20120324-00213_1IMG-20120324-00188_1IMG-20120325-00228_2IMG-20120331-00353-13
NirveshSam in shadowIMG-20120321-00123Driftwood Restaurant, South TrinidadSam's BirthdayIMG-20120324-00213
Sam enjoys dessert :)Overpass.IMG-20120328-00262IMG-20120328-00267My much loved Nokia E71 rebornPink poui near Mt. Hope hospital
Set of the quizWASA Quiz snackThe Rise , Chaguanas.IMG-20120328-00277Sam :)Corn soup from De Boss ah Soup

Blackberry Pictures, a set on Flickr.

I’ve had my Blackberry 8910 for just about two weeks now and I am still playing around with the camera and various filters. I have noticed that if I don’t wipe the lens the pics are almost always blurry.

On the bright side it is capable of taking some amazing shots ( none seen here) when I actually make the effort and I have no downloaded some great editing programs for the phone.

On balance though I have to say my Android Galaxy Tab with a lower megapixel camera is better because the apps are much more versatile.


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