The Younger Generation Is Braver than Us? Really?

At the last CAISO meeting  the youth group said they are braver than previous generations. Really?  I think not.  Brave is resisting arrest in New York, Toronto ( my home at the time) and lots of other places.



One Comment to “The Younger Generation Is Braver than Us? Really?”

  1. Current LGBT activism is greatly responsible for suppressing history. I think it’s partly the result of the aids crisis of the 80’s and 90’s which resulted in internalized shame/guilt. Instead of moving forward with the ideology of the 70’s which was about questioning societal conventions- we have instead given into the right wing mantras of monogamous marriage, pro-military and pro-establishment ideals. The problem is that in doing so, we have to omit not only LGBT history but the more progressive LGBT lives many of us lead.
    Young LGBT people see Modern Family and Desperate Housewives gays and think life is (and always was) that simple and easy.

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