My Afternoon .

Tortuga May 8 028Tortuga May 8 029Tortuga May 8 033Tortuga May 8 034Tortuga May 8 035Tortuga May 8 036
Tortuga May 8 037Tortuga May 8 038Tortuga May 8 040Tortuga May 8 042Tortuga May 8 044Tortuga May 8 046
Tortuga May 8 047Tortuga May 8 048Tortuga May 8 049Tortuga May 8 051Tortuga May 8 054Tortuga May 8 057
Tortuga May 8 059Tortuga May 8 062Tortuga May 8 066Tortuga May 8 071Tortuga May 8 076Tortuga May 8 086

May 8, 2012, a set on Flickr.

I had a wonderful late afternoon with Sam and his mom touring Tortuga, Central Trinidad. The church is normally not open but there was some work going on so I walked around and asked if we could venture in. The guys replied “You are on TV so we will give you a tour”. They did.

It was wonderful. Later, Sam asked if we could go for sushi in San Fernando with Vin and we did. In between I saw the most amazing flaming sunset in Freeport, Trinidad.


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