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May 18, 2012

Homophobia – A Short Film

Just discovered this on Vimeo. It is beautifully filmed and the cinematography captures the essence of dread and claustrophobia that is summed up when one character comes up to the protagonist ( though perhaps there is no single protagonist)  and says “I know your secret”.

An adolescent boy, who serves the Austrian Military Forces, experiences homosexual feelings towards one of his comrades. It’s their last night at the Austrian-Hungarian border, socially isolated and armed with loaded weapons.

::: CAST :::

Michael Glantschnig
Josef Mohamed
Günther Sturmlechner
Harald Bodingbauer

::: CREW :::

Gregor Schmidinger
Julian Wiehl

Alois Ecker
Heldentaten Werbeagentur
provo Marketing

Nino Leitner, AAC

Gregor Schmidinger

May 18, 2012

TD Strives to Make it Better for LGBT Youth

Excellent video via @kariwrites on Twitter.

May 17, 2012

LGBT Rights Continue To Remain in the Headlines in T&T

Contribution made by Senator Corinne Baptiste-McKnight in Senate in response to a Clause in the Children Bill that criminalized same sex intimacy among youth.   Give that woman an award! ( Via Nadine Agard)

I want to come immediately to what I know is going to be very controversial, but as I stand here, I feel I have a duty to everyone here, and to everyone outside there, to do it. We are living through an age where bullying is rampant in our school system. A lot of the bullying takes place, boy upon boy, a lot of it is taking place because one of them is thought or suspected of being gay. Now we cannot as adults come here, under the guise of representing a country, and behave as if we live in the only country in the world where there are no homosexuals, no gays, no lesbians, and no transvestites. My God, you only have to be in Curepe at too late an hour, and you do not know which is female from which is male because all of them are dressed in high heels, lipstick, and have a lot hair. What happen, are we not making laws for them too?
I want us to think because a lot of you have children, and your children arrive on earth and they are called male or female, what if one of your children is unhappy in his or her skin, uncomfortable in their given sexuality, and that child is not able to come to either parent, and unburden? What if that child has no adult in its life to whom the child can turn for comfort, even when the child is being persecuted at school for this? I would hate to think that the 31 of us in here are so homophobic, that we would shut our eyes to seeing an infant, a child, suffer through no fault of his or her own.
We have got to open our eyes and face the facts. [Crosstalk] What is that? Excuse me?  No, we have to talk in public about this because there are people out there who are hurting. There are children, there are parents who are waiting for approval to deal with their gay children, and we have to send them the message that it is all right to deal with their gay children, not have them closeting the children because they would be persecuted, and prosecuted. I really want to propose that this “(c)” be removed from every subclause in 20.
May 17, 2012

RIP Donna Summer – A Truly Great Diva.

She was a feature of my childhood, I was addicted to every song she came out with and I had the pleasure of seeing her in concert. It is a great loss for all of her fans and for music in general.

May 12, 2012

Add All Three

ieTV’s coverage of a bold and historic protest in Port of Spain, Trinidad calling for the Equal Opportunity Act to include age, sexual orientation and HIV status to its anti-discrimination protections.  The reporter, like most of those who covered the event, included same sex marriage though that was not one of the calls that CAISO was making at this time.

May 12, 2012

My Day Today. Starting with ducks and ending with friends.

Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 002Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 007Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 011Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 014Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 015Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 016
Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 021Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 024Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 025Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 027Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 029Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 031
Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 032Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 034Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 035Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 036Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 041Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 042
Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 044Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 045Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 046Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 047Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 048Friday lime, Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad 050

My days are sometimes emotionally difficult but it was a good day.

May 10, 2012

Foamy the Squirrel Tackles Same-Sex Marriage

This is really excellent and makes perfect sense.

May 10, 2012

Simply Beautiful. The Piano Guys

This is so haunting I actually got teary eyed watching it but such is my state of late.

May 10, 2012

I Love The Magnetic Fields

Another beautiful song  from a band I love.

May 8, 2012

My Afternoon .

Tortuga May 8 028Tortuga May 8 029Tortuga May 8 033Tortuga May 8 034Tortuga May 8 035Tortuga May 8 036
Tortuga May 8 037Tortuga May 8 038Tortuga May 8 040Tortuga May 8 042Tortuga May 8 044Tortuga May 8 046
Tortuga May 8 047Tortuga May 8 048Tortuga May 8 049Tortuga May 8 051Tortuga May 8 054Tortuga May 8 057
Tortuga May 8 059Tortuga May 8 062Tortuga May 8 066Tortuga May 8 071Tortuga May 8 076Tortuga May 8 086

May 8, 2012, a set on Flickr.

I had a wonderful late afternoon with Sam and his mom touring Tortuga, Central Trinidad. The church is normally not open but there was some work going on so I walked around and asked if we could venture in. The guys replied “You are on TV so we will give you a tour”. They did.

It was wonderful. Later, Sam asked if we could go for sushi in San Fernando with Vin and we did. In between I saw the most amazing flaming sunset in Freeport, Trinidad.