Interview with Nalini Dial of Animals Are People Too

The Animals Are Human Too activist and COP member who sparked a public outcry over a controversial Facebook post regarding the murder of San Fernando Mayor Marlene Coudray’s daughter. Aired on ieTV June 15, 2012.


One Comment to “Interview with Nalini Dial of Animals Are People Too”

  1. While the content is obviously despicable – and even if she harboured such malice within..

    I am most shocked that Nalini would carefully construct and publicly post such a hateful message about a murdered mother. It shows an alarming degree of callousness and ignorance. It is not a level of reasoning I can relate to.

    She is not the first or the last to post something reprehensible on facebook, but as a public figure she should do a lot better

    Unfortunately she is being classified as an Animal Rights Activist, by association it is doing a lot of harm to a noble cause.

    Our politics and politicians need a bush bath.

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